Family Command Center

It is time for the kids to head back to school which means life is about to get more hetic than ever! Homework, lessons, sports, swimming lessons, etc. are ALL about to begin! Moms and Dads all over are about to become VERY overwhelmed! This might be the time to incorporate a family command center into your home. My Pinterest Board has some excellent examples of great family command centers!


When creating a Family Command Center Consider… 1. Color Scheme…Organization shouldn't be ugly:) Consider this to be part of the decor of your home.

2. Dedicate a space specific to the command center that is central to the family. This should be an area that all family members pass on a daily basis.

3. Make sure a LARGE family calendar is part of the command center, a message board for communication, grocery list, important phone numbers, weekly menus etc.

4. Create individual stations for each child. This can include places for them to give you school work, store homework, important papers, personal weekly calendars with deadlines, chore chart, nightly prep chart, inbox/outbox...

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