Time to Spring Your Home Forward!

Now that we have more day light and it is finally start looking like spring, there are a few other things to remember to do for your home~

-Switch Out Light Bulbs-Replace conventional bulbs with energy-efficient LED and CFL bulbs so you can start saving more energy and money.

-Replace Batteries-Remove your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector batteries and replace with fresh batteries. Test your devices to make sure they are working properly.

-Change Air Filters-It's important to change air filters regularly to maximize the efficiency of your home's heater and air conditioner while ensuring the air you breathe is clean.

-Spring Clean-Start by cleaning the clutter and organizing your kitchen, closets, and commonly used living spaces. Freshen your home by adding a purifying houseplant with a favorite spring blossom to complement your home's decor.

-Add Color-Let go of the blues and grays of winter and add a pop of color to your home in a fresh, airy paint color. Paint reigns as the No. 1 do-it-yourself project because of its ability to make an instant impact without breaking the budget. In just a few hours and with little money you can totally makeover a room.

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