The Buying Process

I am committed to assisting you in the buying process from beginning to end. As many of my past clients can attest, I am fully committed to finding you the home of your dreams. We may find your dream home right away and in other instances it can take time. No matter what, my determination and flexibility will make it possible to view as many homes as it takes until you find THE ONE! When you are purchasing a new home you can expect US to take the following steps...


-Getting Pre-Approved


-Setting up a FREE MLS search ~ You will get email updates daily on listing that fit your criteria


-Scheduling appointments to view homes


-Preparing an offer




-Home Inspection


-Attorney Approval






In order to make your home buying process go as smoothly as possible, it is very helpful to consider the following tips...


-Research before you look- Decide what features are needs vs. wants in a future home. Please use my Buyer's Wish List to help drive your own list.


-Be realistic- It is fine to be picky but don't be unrealistic with your expectations. Use your wish list to help you evaluate each property.


-Get your finances in order- Review your credit report and make sure you have enough money to move forward with a purchase. Talk to a lender to get prequalified for a mortgage. 


-Don't ask too many people for opinions- It will make you crazy! Select a small group of people to help you make your decision.


-Decide your moving timeline- When is your lease up? Are you allowed to sublet? When do the kids end school?


-Think long term- Are you looking for a starter house with plans to move up in few years or do you hope to stay in this home for a longer period? This decision may dictate which type of home you buy as well as the type of mortgage.





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